Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pizza Dinner

after a long day in the kitchen, i wanted something quick and easy for dinner but something still tasty. we decided on make your own pizza night. E went for his favorite, pepperoni with lots of cheese while i tried something a little different. i tried a spin on the fabulous pizza i had at iron bridge wine company a month or so back. check it out here.

i changed some things around a bit based on what i had on hand. i used mozzarella and parmesan cheeses with shallots and mushrooms cooked in a little dry sherry. i then drizzled some balsamic vinegar i reduced down. finally i added a little spinach at the last minute. the warmth of the pizza wilted it a bit but i didn't want it too cooked. for some reason i don't really like the flavor of cooked spinach. i love it raw though!

the pizza turned out really well. the only thing i would change is more balsamic glaze. it turns out i was almost out of balsamic vinegar (that's almost a cardinal sin in our house). as a result, the pizza was a little on the dry side. more glaze would have been perfect.

have you ever gotten creative with your pizza? if so, do tell - i love crazy pizza topping ideas!

now E and i are waiting for E's mom, sister and her husband to arrive. S and T drove down from massachusetts today and are coming for drinks in a little while. we'll be playing wii until they arrive.

happy thanksgiving eve!

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