Friday, November 6, 2009

Miami Girls Weekend - Day Three (Part One)

could i make the title any longer?!?

here are the pics from the beach today i couldn't post eariler.

something about being at the beach heals my soul. the sand in your toes, the sounds of the crashing waves, the breeze in your hair  . . . i love it all.

we spent about 2 hours soaking up some sun (hey gotta help the body produce some vitamin d, right?)
we even brought lunch to enjoy there. we stopped at panera and i got the mediterranean veggie sandwich. so good!

 it was tomato, red onion, lettuce, feta, cucumber, and cilantro hummus on sun-dried tomato bread. the cilantro hummus was excellent and gave the sandwich just enough oomph.

after the beach we headed to the store to get some ingredients for dinner tonight. we stopped at starbucks to re-fuel and then went to an asian market for more bok choy. i have to admit, i have always been a little nervous about going into an asian market. i think i will not know anything and feel very stupid for asking. anyway, turns out it's not the scary. N, L, and i all survived. it still would be hard to find some things but overall, i think i feel confident enough to go back.

stay tuned for dinner recipes. grilled halibut with chili-lime sauce - it's going to be delicious. i know because the fish is already marinating. i tasted the marinade, and it alone is amazing! plus, L is making homemade key lime pie - most likely my all-time favorite dessert.

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