Friday, November 13, 2009

Kashi Review

i have another snack review for you today.

Kashi TLC Country Cheddar Crackers

kashi has lots of different crackers out, but i love a cheese cracker. it probably stems mainly from my intense love of cheese (just a guess:).  so, i love cheese and grew up in the country, i had to try them.

ok, first up: taste.
these crackers are quite good. they have a nice crunch but aren't super crunchy. not triscuit crunchy but satisfying. they also have a very nice cheddar cheese flavor. it isn't intense, but i find when the taste is too strong it tastes fake. my favorite part is the little bit of cheddar power covering the cracker that it gives a little extra cheese flavor.

nutritional value:
i.e. is it good for me??

they are fairly low in calories (130) while still providing some protein (3g per serving). sugars are very low (1g) as is fat (4.5g) with only 1/2g of that saturated. sodium is low too.

i have found that i tend to not look much at the nutrition facts anymore. now, i focus on ingredients. literally, if sugar is one of the first 3 ingredients, i put it back. that is any kind of sugar, be it sugar, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, etc. same goes for enriched flour. that is where this cracker falls short. the first ingredient is unfortunately unbleached wheat flour. this is a little tricky because you think "ooh, wheat flour, yay!" unfortunately unless it says whole wheat flour, it has been processed and some good stuff has been taken out. it hasn't been bleached or enriched (basically means we took out all the good stuff and added a couple of things, vitamins, minerals, etc. back in) which is good, but still it's not whole wheat. next ingredients are as follows:
expeller pressed canola oil, natural cheddar cheese, kashi seven whole grains & sesame flour

there are more, but these are the most important. kashi gains some points back with the whole grain flour mix but i wish that had been the first ingredient.

ok, all that said, the serving size is nice (18 crackers - shown below)

and they are great in a pinch when nothing but a crunch will do. i may get these again to satisfy my cheese cracker cravings but kashi, if you are listening, make that first ingredient whole wheat flour, please!

GCFE rating: 7 out of 10

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