Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Football and Local Eats

we had a busy but super-fun day yesterday. but first, i am happy to report that on friday i had 3 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit! yay! and, let's see, yesterday i had 3 veggies and 2 fruits. let's just say, i'm getting there but still a work in progess (and always will be).

so, back to saturday. E and i played two-hand touch football with some of his co-workers on the mall in DC. we had so much fun and got a nice cardiovascular workout in too:) E was clearly the star of the game. he made lots of touch downs as well as two interceptions. he was the hands-down mvp. the bad news is that we were on opposite teams. that unfortunatey means that i was on the losing team. oh well, it was still fun. (side note: i forgot my camera (dang it!) so no pics of the game)

after football, we headed over to M's apartment to go to dinner with M and R at harry's tap room in arlington, va. M was nice enough to let E and i shower and change at her place first. we were sweaty and E was muddy (it go quite muddy on the mall from all the recent rain). along with her wonderful hospitality, yummy snacks (rosemary crackers and spicy hummus), pre-dinner drinks, M was kind enough to take pictures too.

we made it to harry's and had another pre-dinner drink. M had a pim's #1 (very interesting, kind of like iced tea and lemonade with pim's - some sort of alcohol i have never heard of), i had a lemon drop martini and the boys had beer.
M's pim's and my lemon drop

M and R

E and me

dinner was excellent! harry's prides itself on using local, in-season produce and meats. according to their website:
"We buy organic or naturally-raised products.  We draw seasonally from the local farms of the rich countryside of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania."

everything on the menu looked delicious but i gravitated towards the vegetable tray which consisted of your choice of 3 veggies (all currently in season). so, M and i shard some baked brie with apple slices to start - so good! - and i chose fingerling potatoes with garlic aioli, acorn squash with quinoa risotto, and mushrooms with sherry.

everything was delicious! i am hoping we get back there soon. not only was the food good but i love supporting restaurants that strive to support local farmers and change their menu seasonally to make the most of fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in their prime.

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