Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Favorite Activity

we have had a ton of rain this fall. i feel like i am always emptying the rain gauge of at least an inch at a time. this past week has been rainy which is bad news for dignan and roxy. they get so bored. we can't even throw the ball for the out in the yard because it has just been one big mud pit. thanksgiving day we had the great idea of taking them to the tennis courts at the school near our house. they LOVED it. they could run around, not get muddy (which E and i loved the most) and slide around since it was still wet. they tired out pretty quickly too (another plus). yesterday we took them over there again (it has stopped raining but is still drying out). EA and RJ went with us and the dogs had fun just running around, being chased by the kids. we didn't even throw the ball much for them they just had fun running around.


yesterday was a low key eating day too. i didn't overeat at thanksgiving which was nice. i was pleasantly full but not stuffed. but still, i wasn't super hungry yesterday. we made hot chocolate after coming back from the tennis courts. it was cold and windy yesterday and hot chocolate was just what we needed to fuel us for a game of clue - spy edition.

we had leftover homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch with sweet potato biscuits and maple butter then worked it off by playing lots of wii tennis. the kids are unexaustable.

although, the dogs were worn out

after they left E had i settled down for a nice winters nap.

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