Thursday, November 12, 2009

About Last Night . . .

i was really tired last night. i quickly posted and went to bed. i realized this morning (thanks to the comment from nell) that i didn't review the recipe. i just said "i'm crazy about curry" and typed the recipe. my goodness. apologies.

the chicken curry with cashews was wonderful! it had just enough curry flavor and a little kick which i like. i like a little spice but not so much that my nose runs, i need a drink, and i eventually cannot taste anything. the yogurt gave it a nice creaminess and the cashews lent just a bit of crunch. there were even some veggies disguised in there (the tomatoes and onions). i will definitely be making that again!

along with my curry obsession, i have been on a bok choy kick as well. tonight E and i have scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese and sauteed bok choy with coconut oil and soy sauce. sounds like an odd combination but it was good!

on a side note, it has been raining here for three days. the poor doogies get so bored when they can't get out and play and go for their walks. i guess i could suck it up, get out an umbrella, and take them for a walk in the rain. it just ends up so messy. the sidewalks collect puddles and mud and the dogs need a full wipe down from the wet mud. yuck. anyway, there was a break in the weather today and they were glad to get outside for a walk. so was i!

my favorite thing about dignan and roxy is we have trained them to sit at every corner before they cross the street. honestly, E and i aren't great about every possible discipline but there is something that makes me feel good about seeing them both sit on the curb without even having to say anything. one "ok" from me and they are off again. it's the little things you know?

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