Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yay for Wii!

so, we didn't end up seeing a movie last night. instead, we went to wegmans for dinner and had some sushi, veggies, and shrimp.

mmmm, crab and avocado rolls (i like mine dipped in some wasabi soy sauce)
as usual, i ate half before remembering to take a pic, oops

then we headed to target to pick out E's birthday present . . . we finally got a wii! we figured it's a good way to spend time together, have fun, and still be active -  not sitting on the couch watching tv. we played tennis, baseball, raced down the slopes on snowboards, bowled, raced go-karts, and boxed. let me tell you, it was a workout. most of the games we were sweating. boxing really kept the heart rate high! whew. all in all it was a fun "date night".

nice bowling form

strike victory dance

roxy and dignan were very interested in our new toy (despite them both being asleep in the pictures). roxy was eying the controllers like a chew toy. we let her sniff it, said "no" every time she tried to lick it or bite it. we think she got the idea.

E and i decided to give each of them a new toy. mom recently gave me a huge box of all my stuffed animals from growing up. lets just say i had some really interesting animals. i have put all of the non-special ones into a box and every once in a while we give one to roxy. she is pretty good with them, only carries them around. only after lots of wear and tear do we have to do surgery to repair small holes and tears. the super well made ones (like her all time favorite, wolf) never need repair. last night, she chose smurf. dignan, on the other hand, is uninterested in stuffed animals and is happy as a little clam with a new tennis ball (courtesy of AJ, an avid tennis player - thanks AJ!)

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