Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wegmans Favorites Giveaway

it's no secret that i love wegmans. actually, it's my home away from home, or as i like to say, my office. i am lucky enough to live just 5 minutes from one and i can be found there most weekday mornings between 8:30 and 9am. i always shop there before i cook for my personal chef clients because they truthfully have the best selection, the freshest looking produce, and they always have even the most random of ingredients.

wegmans - hunt valley, md (source)

my cousin just had a wegmans open up near her (those who live in northborough, ma are lucky ducks) and she asked for some of my favorite wegman items. so, here they are in no particular order:
wegmans finishing butter
this stuff is liquid gold. it's amazing on vegetables and meats alike. the garlic cheese butter is a tried a true favorite and i just tried the truffle butter for the first time this weekend and it is to die for.

biscoff spread
have you had biscoffs cookies? you know the ones they give out on american airlines. they taste like a mix between ginger snaps and graham crackers and a divine. if you like biscoff cookies, you'll love biscoff spread. it is seriously spreadable biscoff cookies. great on wheat toast, graham crackers, and apples. you can probably find this in other stores, but wegmans is the only place around me i have seen this. get it. today. you won't be sorry.
i think wegmans has fantastic sushi. it's super fresh made on premises (right in front of you - it's fun to watch them make it) everyday. my favorite is the brown rice spicy jumbo lump crab roll. yum!

holiday chai
wegmans has a huge selection of teas. an entire wall in fact. i am such a sucker for chai tea. seriously i have 5 or 6 different varieties in my pantry at the moment. my current favorite is stash's holiday chai. it seems to be a little spicier than most chai teas which i love. i add plenty of milk and a little agave.

bulk section
wegmans has a fantastic bulk section. hunt valley wegmans actually has two bulk sections - one is even organic. they have everything from trail mix and oatmeal to nuts, chocolate, and candy. it's how i buy most of my raw unsalted nuts and grains.
dang, wegmans bakery is paradise for someone with a sweet tooth. some of my favorite include their pumpkin cheesecake, the beautiful fruit tarts, and their creamy lemon bars. bet you can't pick just one.

those are just a few of my wegmans favorites. if you haven't been to one, come visit me, i'll give you the grand tour:)

for those of you lucky enough to live near a wegmans, i have a treat for you - i am giving away a $50 wegmans gift card. to find a wegmans near you, go to wegmans.com. i figured with thanksgiving coming up, wegmans would be a perfect place to shop for all your thanksgiving meal needs.

each person has three chances to win.

1.  leave a comment and tell me if you have ever been to a wegmans and if so, which location.

2.  "like" good clean fun on facebook (click here to do so) and leave me a comment at the bottom of this post saying you "like" me (if you already like good clean fun, just leave a comment saying you do).

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each comment counts as an entry which means you can leave a maximum of three comments and that will give you three entries. you must leave a separate comment for each entry to be counted.

this giveaway is open until monday, november 14th at noon est. the winner will be announced here on monday evening. 

*this post is the opinion of good clean fun. the giveaway is sponsored by good clean fun and is not affiliated with wegmans. i am quite positive wegmans has no idea who i am:)

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  1. I'm a fan of the one in Hunt Valley. I love their breads and spring rolls. The only draw back is its size. Sometimes I feel like it is just too much.

  2. I love Wegmans! I've been to the one near Baltimore.

  3. Niagara Falls Wegmans was MY Wegmans but now I make bi-weekly trips to the one in Amherst, NY. I also have 2 others that are just as close (or far away depending on how you look at it!). I'm a member of a group that is campaigning for a Wegmans in Lockport! PW-have you tried the Bernaise Butter? It falls in the "excellent" catagory too!


  4. I travel weekly to the one in Leesburg, Va. It actually is more cost efficient then Giant. We love the produce!!

  5. I lovei love wegmans in hunt valley too!

  6. I am now following u on twitter!

  7. Kelly (sgt123411@yahoo.com)November 12, 2011 at 6:42 AM

    I've never been, but one just opened in MA!!!! After reading your blog, I need to make a trip to see for myself!

  8. kelly (sgt123411@yahoo.com)November 12, 2011 at 6:44 AM

    "liked" you on facebook!

  9. I live near the Allentown PA Wegmans

  10. Judy Belmont


  11. By the way - I followed and liked you!

    Judy belmont

  12. We ventured to Wegmans in MA on Saturday, it was a zoo! Had lunch there, and did some shopping, it was a huge massive storm, we bought some cool items, thought the prices were good and will definitely be back when its not so crazy.


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