Weekly Nightcap Cocktails

one of my most popular series is the weekly nightcap. perhaps there is something about feeling like you have earned a cocktail on friday after a long, hard-worked week.

or perhaps its the promise a friday evening has - the whole weekend is ahead and there is a feeling of freedom in the air. in fact, friday at 5pm is E's favorite time of the week.

i've rounded up all the weekly nightcaps here in one place for ease of viewing, organized by main ingredient.


The Mint Julep
Homemade Irish Cream
Maple Bourbon Fizz

Orange Martini
Key Lime Martini
Whipped Cosmopolitan
Strawberry-Rhubarb Martini
Cream Soda Martini
Cherry 7Up
Grape Crush
Turquoise Breeze

Classic Gin Martini

Trailer Park
Grapefruit Margarita
Strawberry Margarita

Pear Side Car
Strawberry Mint Fizz

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