Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Weekly Nightcap - Strawberry Margaritas

mom and i had a little pampering yesterday. we both got pedicures and they were wonderful. there is nothing like smooth-as-a-babies-bottom feet. the color i picked is super summery and pink. it's OPI's strawberry margarita.

to prove the power of suggestion, i was able to think of nothing else after that than having a tall, cold strawberry margarita.

to prove my lack of willpower and my pure i-have-to-have-it-now cravings, i went home and made myself a strawberry margarita.

it tasted like summer. it probably helps that strawberry season is in full swing and i had some local strawberries, but the feeling of sipping my strawberry margarita with my feet up while looking at my strawberry margarita toes was quite satisfying.

enjoy your weekend!

Strawberry Margaritas
makes 2 drinks

4 oz strawberry puree
4 oz tequila
3 oz triple sec

shake all ingredients together with ice and then strain into a tall, ice-filled glass. enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. My nail polish looks more like... a raspberry margarita! Mmmm now that doesn't sound too bad either!


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