Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Weekly Nightcap - Cream Soda Martini

have you tasted pinnacle whipped cream vodka? it is amazingly smooth, sweet, and creamy. my friend M introduced me to it while in atlantic city last year for another friend, L's bachelorette party.

as soon as i tasted her incredible drink (whipped cream vodka and sprite) i knew i was in trouble. this couldn't be vodka! it tasted so smooth - just like a cream soda.

that next week i drove on over to my local liquor store and bought myself a bottle. i have already done a couple experiments but this cream soda martini is by far my favorite. it takes me back to being a kid and stopping by spring meadow farms. every once in a while i was allowed to pick out a soda - i always chose a cream soda.

you can use sprite in your martini if you like, but if you can get your hands on jones cream soda, i recommend using it. this cream soda martini is dessert in a glass.

you may want to take yourself to your nearest liquor store this week and pick up a bottle of pinnacle whipped cream vodka - it won't be the last time you see that ingredient in the weekly nightcap.

p.s. next on my list, pinnacle cotton candy vodka - my sweet tooth is aching already!

Cream Soda Martini
makes 2 drinks

4 oz pinnacle whipped cream vodka
10 oz jones cream soda

combine ingredients in a shaker and stir to combine. pour into two martini glasses and enjoy!


  1. Love your creativity in using this liquor and therefore delighting tastebuds all accross the DC metro area!

  2. Mmmm, I just ran out of the pinnacle whipped cream vodka. I have to get some this week to keep on hand for my favorite chef when she comes over! I am one blessed lady to have you as a regular over to my house for cooking as well as having a cocktail with. See you this week for a cream soda martini? Or should it be a Maryland Mint Julip... The mint is up!

  3. LOVE Whipped cream vodka! I like it with orange crush served over crushed ice, super yummy like a creamcycle! I also like it mixed with lemon-lime seltzer and a little grenadine! P.S. Annoynomous I love mint julips...hint hint!


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