Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

due to a quite empty fridge, i decided to share a few of my favorite things instead. my last favorite things list seemed to garner good feedback so hopefully you all won't mind a recipe-free day.

spring flowers
ahh the promise of warmers weather and better days that spring flowers bring. i cannot get enough of them!

palmers cocoa butter
i have been using this fabulous substance on my lips since the sixth grade (gulp! that's almost 20 years!) yes, it looks like a glue stick but inside it has the most fabulous, soft, long-lasting, cocoa butter goodness. i cannot live without this stuff and have too many containers stashed various places to count. i keep one by my bed, one in each purse, one in each car, etc. i am addicted and i don't care. this is literally the only thing that goes on my lips. i am not now, nor have i ever been much of a lipstick or lip gloss girl. it's probably pretty safe to say i will still be using plamers 20 years from now too.

flip flops
it's not really spring to me until i can wear flip flops. i practically live in the from april to october. yes, i know they are horrible for your feet, legs, and back. perhaps i won't be able to walk past age 60, but they are truly the most comfortable shoes i own. luckily my wonderful husband also lives in flip flops so at least we will be unable to walk in our old age together. plus, have my toes exposed gives me a good excuse to keep up with regular pedicures:)

trader joes garlic naan
have you tried this stuff? it is seriously the best garlic naan i have ever had. it's so garlicy and it's frozen and super easy to pop in the oven and warm up. this garlic naan is wonderful with baingan bharta, as pizza crust, or all by itself. you. must. try. it.

dulce de leche
wow, i could (and it's entirely possible i do) eat this by the spoonful. it is to caramel what nutella is to chocolate. i can't wait to try this swirled into cookie dough. it makes for amazing filling in thumbprint cookies. try it smathered on a shortbread cookie with a sprinkling of sea salt. life changing.

my current workout buddy
roxy has decided she has a new favorite place in the basement. she can still keep me company while i am working out but she is out of the way. i love that yellow, furry schmoopie.

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  1. I am Uruguayan. Dulce de leche is originated in Uruguay-Argentina, and let me tell you that the way to eat it is by the spoonful! Yes, we add it to our desserts- you could pretty much find it added to almost anything! And yes, we take a portion and put it on a nice dessert plate and eat it like that. But the REAL way to eat dulce de leche is standing by the fridge, jar in hand and spoon in the other! No kidding! It's almost a national sport! ;-D


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