Friday, February 11, 2011

The Weekly Nightcap - Orange Martini

the orange martini is a perennial favorite around these parts. i actually think my mom came up with this drink a long time ago. she loves a classic vodka martini but i find them a little strong. so, she made me a martini but added some triple sec to it and the orange martini was born.

it's still strong and pure like a traditional martini but the triple sec adds a bit of orange flavor and cuts the vodka just enough. a maraschino cherry is literally the cherry on top. my favorite part is biting into the vodka soaked cherry at the end of the drink. it doens't get better than that.

on a side note, i found this stirrings all natural triple sec at the liquor store the other day and am in love with it. it doesn't have any sugar and is infused with sun-ripened oranges for a natural taste.

Orange Martini
serves 2

4 oz ice cold vodka
4 oz triple sec
2 cherries
splash of cherry juice (optional)

put a cherry (with a splash of cherry juice if desired) in each martini glass. shake vodka and triple sec together over ice. strain into martini glasses and serve.

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