Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big News!

So I kind of have big news for you all today!

It's something that has been in the back of my mind for a while now and I figured what better time than the new year to make a little change. Those of you who have been reading Good Clean Fun for a while now know that this blog started out just as a way for me to share my passion - food. More specifically (mostly) healthy cooking. I have been sharing recipes with you all for a while and recently I have been adding in a few home improvement updates.

Since E and I bought our new (technically old) house a year and a half ago, we have been fixing it up. Many of the projects were forced upon us (um, new roof, new well pump, new hot water heater, new expansion tank, new furnace, etc.) others have been elective (paint, air conditioning, paint, stone walk, paint, shack reno, paint, new wood floors, did I mention painting?)

Many times our home projects have taken precedent over making something new and yummy to share on Good Clean Fun. So, I have decided to combine my two biggest time suckers - DIY home improvements and cooking.

I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me here and for your continued readership over the past years. I sincerely hope you will make the move and keep following me over on my new site - A Whisk and a Hammer!

Please head on over the and keep up with us as we attempt to fix our old house, one project at a time, a while I still attempt to put dinner on the table every night. You'll still find great recipes and delicious cocktails, but you'll also see our successes and failures as we attempt to fix our house ourselves (unless we need to call in a professional - hello electrician - electricity scares me).

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  1. YAY! I love DIY and Cooking, so I'll keep reading!


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