Sunday, November 22, 2009


i have a confession to make . . .

when i am out running errands, cooking, working out, going out with friends, really anytime, i look forward to getting home, putting on my flannel pajama bottoms, slippers, and snuggly robe.

this is not me, but this is the robe. i don't manage to look nearly as sexy as she does in it

the robe started with my sister-in-law, A. her sister gave her one and she loved it. she liked it so much she gave one to my mom. my mom loved it so much she has given it to a bunch of people, including me! poor E, i live in this thing from fall to early spring. it is the most comfortable thing ever. seriously. it brings out the couch potato in me which isn't really a good thing so i have a rule. i can't put it on unless i have already showered and don't really need to get much else done the rest of the evening. once i get in this thing, i don't want to take it off. it is incredibly soft. i can even describe the feeling of it. but, if you love to be comfy, i highly recommend you buy one of these. you will not regret it. promise.

imagine my excitement when i discovered north face makes a pullover with the same snuggly, soft feeling fabric. i just had to get one. now i can be snuggly and warm yet still look acceptable in public. i am going to be snug as a bug all winter long. it's even on sale right now at again, if you love being comfortable and warm and still look acceptable to the rest of the population, i recommend this pullover. while you are at it, send one to me. i'll take thank you donations, size medium:)

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