Thursday, November 19, 2009

1st Day of Healthy Holiday

so far so good. i had some greek yogurt with chocolate granola for breakfast along with raspberries. i tried some new chocolate granola today because wegmans didn't have my usual bear naked chocolate granola. it tried mountain rise chunky cocoa granola.

the first difference i noticed was the big chunks. i guess i can't be surprised considering it is called chunky cocoa and i could see it in the "window" on the front of the bag. in order to put it in my yogurt, i had to crumble it up a bit. it was fairly easy to crumble and i am thinking it will be nice to have the bigger chunks should i have a chocolate craving. i could have a piece or two for a small snack.

check out the ingredients!

it's a little hard to read but it is completely organic. everything is natural and i can pronounce every ingredient. evaporated cane juice is the only sugar in it and it's the 5th ingredient not the first or second like most granola. overall this was an excellent granola. it had great chocolate flavor which is a must! i am not giving up my bear naked but i may alternate it with this mountain rise. i have also been wanting to try to make my own chocolate granola. that is on the to do this between now and mid december. i'll let you know how it goes.

i had a small early (11:30) lunch of vegan leek and barley stew with crusty whole wheat bread from atwaters (thanks beth:). it was wonderful. very hearty and full of veggies. which means i have one veggie down, two to go today!

when i returned home from yoga and a meeting, i was feeling a little hungry. time for another snack since my lunch was early and small.

i had some leftover brussel sprouts (1/2 serving), 100 cal popcorn, and a string cheese. it hit the spot and should get me through my cardio workout this early afternoon.

breakfast within an hour of waking - check!
veggie count - 1.5
lunch and snack #1 - check!

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