Friday, November 6, 2009

Miami Girls Weekend - Day Two

so, i am going back a little bit to yesterday. N and i started with some peach greek yogurt (chobiani - which i had never had before. it was always fage for me) with some kashi cereal mixed in. the yogurt was delicious but had lots of sugar in it unfortunately. the plain 0% doesn't though so i'll stick to that most of the time and have the peach as a "treat" every now and again.

after breakfast, we left salem to nap
and headed to the sport club la in miami beach where N teaches pilates. she had a couple of clients so i read and did some cardio (elliptical and treadmill) to try and warm up my still super sore calves. after N was finished we took a private yoga session. i have never had a private before and it was awesome. so many little tweaks i could do to make the poses ever better. i feel like i learned a ton in just an hour. it was awesome.

after the gym, we were off to lunch at a little french bistro. N ordered the pulled pork bbq crepes with an awesome cole slaw (which i usually don't like - mustard seed we think) and i have the crock monsieur. we shared and both were good but we both agreed the crepe was the best.

we picked L up from the airport last night and headed to drinks at senora martinez. i had a deconstructed strawberry daiquiri, N had a bees knees (gin, honey, and lemon) and L had a mint and cucumber martini.


then we were off to dinner at michael's genuine. it reminded me a lot of woodberry kitchen in baltimore. lots of small plates and local food. everything was so good and i love knowing i am supporting local farmers and the food feels fresher to me because it doesn't travel as far. my favorite were the roasted brussel sprouts with panchetta and lemon aioli

and the fig, arugula and red onion pizza. yum!

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