Sunday, January 31, 2010

BK² Wasabi and Cheeseburgers

BK and AB (also known as BK and BK or BK²) hosted a wonderful family dinner last night. it was the last night many jessops would be in town . . . the last night we were all together until who knows when. and what a send-off they gave.
we were welcomed in from the snow to a roaring fire, cozy candlelight, and drinks of our choice. (gin and tonic for me please:)
wasabi cheese with wasabi crackers kept our appetites at bay as we anticipated our feast to come.
we flipped through photo albums and quizzed each other on canadian territories and provinces knowledge.
AB gave us the tour of her brand new shiny fridge - fancy ice/water dispenser and huge freezer to boot!
while in the kitchen, i grabbed a sneak peak of dinner.
looks like it's going to be a good one. AB and BK ground their chuck in house and man was it worth it! BK even braved the frigid temps to grill these babies outside, summertime style.
the men chatted it up 
while we waited for the grilling. all burgers were made to order too - rare or medium-rare with or without smoked gouda. but let's be serious, who wouldn't want cheese?!? no one here!
AJ and i both took some table shots. fire and candlelight made us feel warm and cozy despite the winter storm mother nature had brewing outside.
the salads were amazing! arugula salad with toasted almonds, pear, and goat cheese complete with a homemade creamy dressing. to.die.for. i could have eaten a whole bowl of that salad and left happy. but no, as fate would have it, i was also able to sink my teeth into a perfectly grilled, medium-rare, gouda smothered, lettuce, tomato, onion, and horseradish mustard topped, mouth-watering, juicy burger.
this thing was so big, i could just barely get my mouth around it. 
i must say, i topped this piece of heaven perfectly. every bite was better than the last. it was good to the last crumb. i devoured the entire thing - no joke. my tummy told me to stop but i just took a big gulp of shiraz and ignored that nonsense. i pushed away from the table full and happy and fighting an oncoming food coma.
others were unsuccessful at fighting the sleepiness . . .
i hope BK and BK weren't insulted by the "resting of the eyes" or the "examining the inside of the eyelids." in my opinion, it's the ultimate compliment. your food was so good, guests ate till their bellies were full and their eyelids became heavy. (don't worry the sleepy ones were chauffeured home safely.)

thanks again AB and BK, the food was fabulous, the wine was delicious, and the company was superb!

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