Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

i never made it to the gym yesterday. instead, G and i did some yoga and AJ joined us for a brisk walk in the snow. let me tell you, it was cold! roughly 16 degrees fahrenheit with a brisk breeze that joined us a times while the snow continued to fall.
meadowvale looked beautifully serene and quiet covered in a blanket of snow. it's as if time was standing still yesterday. every fence post and branch stood out wanting to be noticed.
i feel as though i can never take enough pictures of this place. every time i walk around the property it's as if my mind is desperately trying to remember every detail. i've had 29 years to imprint every tree, barn, window, gentle slope, and hill. yet somehow i need to grab hold of every minute, take deep breaths, and enjoy every precious chance i get to walk where poppop and mommom walked for trees, barns, windows, and hills may soon be gone.
so i still walk and i still photograph, and i still try to remember - to burn these images into my deepest memories.
i will long remember this snow and this very walk with AJ and G for this may have been the last particular snowy walk we share.
as we tucked the chickens into bed, collected the eggs, and closed the door, the ladies snuggled together to keep warm. and i hurried back inside to defrost my fingers and nose.

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  1. I come back and look at these few posts when I get to hankering for a visit. I miss you!


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