Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pampered Chef Herb Keeper

as i was preparing my afternoon tea and fruitcake cookie, i noticed something in the fridge. i was reaching in the get the milk and i saw the herb keeper K gave me for christmas. i had seen these before but hadn't really given them a second thought. when K gave it to me i remember she said, "let me know how it works. i may get one for myself."

well, K, go out and get one! i am completely surprised at how well this works! i used some parsley last monday (10 days ago!) and decided, what the heck, i'll give this thing a try. like i said, i didn't really give it a second thought until today. look at the parsley now:

it looks as green and as fresh i the day i bought it. i am amazed. you know in the store, you always have to buy a big bunch of herbs when all a recipe usually calls for is a tablespoon or a 1/4 cup at most. then, you have all this leftover herb you need to use up quickly before it goes bad.

pampered chef's herb keeper solves that problem. (i feel like a commercial, but i'm that impressed) if you use herbs and feel like you are constantly throwing them away, it's worth the $13.00. you can find it here.

thanks again K - what a great gift:)


  1. I have one that I just started using it today I cook with so much herbs cilantro is one of them.I am hoping that this works out would be awesome...

  2. I just ordered this base on your suggestion. I love to cook, but hate that fresh herbs are costly as they end up in the garbage too quickly. Looking forward to using this. I've added you to my "Blogs I follow" list. Please look at my blog too @

  3. Thank you for showing how it works. I have one and I didn't understand it. I used to just put cilantro in a cup of water in the fridge but this a lot better. Thank you soon much


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