Monday, January 11, 2010

Freezer Inventory

i woke up this morning and my butt was less sore - yay! it's a small feat for me because usually i am the most sore the second day after. anyway, yoga felt really good this morning.

on my way home from yoga, i stopped at dick's sporting goods to exchange some things i got for christmas. i came out with a new yoga tank (thanks K:) and a new fleece under armour hat (thanks E:)

anyway, i have been slacking on my veggie intake goal of 3 per day. since the weather has been so cold, i don't feel like my usual green monster in the am. i usually get a serving of spinach in that so all i have to do i have one veggie with lunch and one with dinner. but, now i feel like i get to dinner and i still need 2 more. ugh. anyway, i had a big salad (field greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, and radishes) with goddess dressing and a bit of the turkey tag-a-long i made yesterday. the salad was at least one serving and the turkey has a serving of veggies in it too (with the carrots, mushrooms, celery, and onions that are pureed up and sauteed with the turkey). so, i'm feeling good about today.

my other big goal for today is to take inventory of my 2 freezers. i am really good about buying in bulk and freezing leftovers but i tend to forget about what i have in the freezer. so, i went through both freezers and made an inventory of what we have that i should use! i also organized them so i have fruits, veggies, and breads in the upstairs freezer and meats, seafood and leftovers in the downstairs freezer.
upstairs freezer - before


downstairs freezer - before


they may not look much different, but the most important thing i think i did was make a list of everything i have in both freezers. i'll keep it in my recipe drawer so i can keep it updated. when i use something, i'll cross it off the list and when i add something to the freezer, i'll write it down. this is all in theory of course. let's see if i can stick to it:)

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  1. How awesome! I never thought of doing something like this, though I have HATED the mess that always exists in freezers! Great post!



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