Friday, January 29, 2010

The Valley Inn - For Poppop

all the jessops headed to what is quite possibly poppop's favorite place to eat (aside from maybe ribs at the corner stable) the valley inn.
there isn't a time i don't remember mommom and poppop going there for weekly dinners. the food there is quite good but it is somewhat of a miracle it is still in business. however, i will not focus on the negatives of the valley inn and will solely focus on the positives.
there are some truly beautiful paintings gracing the walls inside the inn. if you happen upon this historic inn in the winter, you will surely find warm, cozy fires burning in their many fireplaces.
perhaps one of the reasons poppop loved the place so much was everyone knew him there. he even had a special chair he always sat in. the hostess and waitresses always doted over him and called him their favorite. perhaps his favorite thing was to take other people and treat them to his favorite place. he wouldn't dream of having them even chip in. being generous was what poppop was known for and what he will be remembered for.
so, with heavy hearts and fond memories, we enjoyed our favorite drinks, toasted poppop, told memories, ate till our bellies were full, laughed, cried, and honored poppop one more time at the valley inn. that place will always hold a place in my heart because i have only been there with him.

if you are every in the brooklandville, maryland area, this historic inn is worth a stop to experience and eat a good meal. if you do, raise your glass to my poppop. that place may very well still be standing because of his loyal patronage.

in memory of WHJ, Jr.

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