Monday, January 25, 2010

Pears, Glorious Pears

last night we had one repeat and one new item for dinner. i made the pear and shallot pork for the jessops and aj and i decided her smashed rutabaga and pears would go excellently with it. keep it all in the pear family you know. to round out the meal we had sauteed green beans and carrots with caramelized shallots. so both the pear and shallots were a reoccurring theme. a nice reserve merlot went well with the dinner and i must admit i nursed an orange martini (vodka and triple sec) both before and after dinner.

green beans and carrots with caramelized shallots . . . mmmmm

everyone seemed to like the dinner although we did polish off some dark chocolate after. but seriously, who doesn't have room for chocolate after dinner?? there will be leftovers too - for lunch perhaps.

you can find the pear and shallot pork recipe here. the bon app├ętit smashed rutabaga and pear recipe is here. we doubled the ginger, used honey instead of sugar, light cream instead of heavy, and didn't re-heat the mash to remove extra moisture and it turned out just fine. whew!

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