Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ping Pong Dim Sum Bacon Brother

at the end of a very long week, E asked me to come to one of his co-worker planned happy hours. i always have a good time at these things. his co-workers (and significant others) are all really fun. but, when last night rolled around the one hour train ride to DC felt more like a cross-country trip. i was starting to yawn, my tummy was growling, things were not looking good. i was beginning to second guess my decision to go.

luckily things turned around - quickly. ping pong dim sum is a great place. it was very W-esqe. modern, big paintings, minimalist.
E and i got there before everyone else which was nice. we got to have a drink and talk a little just the 2 of us. shortly after that, S and SJ arrived. E and i met SJ for the first time last night and i quickly discovered he is my bacon brother. no joke, this boy likes his bacon and he likes it the right way - crispy as all get out. we talked about the best blt we had ever had. mine was at a hole-in-the-wall gas station in columbia with dad. seriously, i still have dreams about this blt. we talk often about going back and we need to do that stat. SJ's best blt is from the gw deli. this is now on my short "to go to there" list. i cannot wait to get back to dc now so i can have a gw deli blt. don't worry, i will post about that as soon as humanly possibly.

so, needless to say, i was craving bacon like nobodies business. but alas, dim sum would have to do. so, like i said, E and i started out with a drink. a vanilla, lemon, vodka to be exact.
this drink was so smooth and lemony. it was awesome. E had two, i had to change it up because the ginger limoncello caipirinha was calling my name! (oops, no pic, it was too good to photo:) we also had some vietnamese spring rolls - again not pictured because i inhaled them. i was hungry!

finally, everyone else arrived and we ordered up a storm. in typical dim sum fashion, we just ordered a bunch of different dishes. E and i ordered 4, and they were all amazing. first up, we had honey glazed ribs (no picture) and vegetable puff.
the vegetable puff was amazing - perhaps my favorite of the night! slightly sweet and buttery from the pastry. it literally melted in my mouth. i couldn't really tell what veggies were in there but they were good. the ribs were good too. very tender and sweet from the honey. we gobbled them up.

next up was char sui bun and seafood dumpling. these were both super good too. i love dim sum!
(sorry for the bad pic - these are all using the blackberry. no camera tonight)
S also let us taste one of her chive dumpling with prawns. they were awesome too. the chives gave the shrimp a fresh taste.

if you are in the dc area, you must go to ping pong dim sum. it is an experience.

this morning, i woke up and was craving bacon - crazy. i can't imagine why but while E ran over to pick up dignan and roxy while i popped some bacon in the oven and whipped up a veggie scramble. we had some vegetables to use up in the fridge so i just thew everything in the saute pan. red onion, mushrooms, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. once they were browned and tender, i threw in 4 whisked up eggs, a sprinkling of shredded mexican cheese and done!
it filled my belly and satisfied my bacon craving. perfect! i'm off to the gym to do some cardio. i've been slacking this week. i only managed to make it to pt with G and that's only because i still have the chin-up (oops, i've been calling it a pull-up. G corrected me and said it's a chin-up since it's underhand) looming this tuesday. i think i'm ready though (fingers crossed).

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