Thursday, January 14, 2010

Upper Body Strength

i did power yoga yesterday with lots of (attempted) crows. (i found this picture here.)

needless to say, it's hard, plus my arms were sore from PT tuesday. i thought yoga might be good for my sore butt yesterday but didn't really realize how worn out my arms were too until i attempted crow. anyway, it's a goal of mine to hold this pose for 5 breaths, so i was still excited that it was heavily featured in the class. i should probably set a date for that goal. the only problem is i have a goal of one unassisted pull up by january 30th. that means that my arms always seem to be sore and tired. i always seem to find things i want to be able to do but never quite seem to get around to doing them. i have had a goal of one pull-up since college. i remember saying i didn't want to graduate from college without being able to do a pull-up. hmmm . . . that didn't exactly happen.

apparently, all i had to do was tell G my goal. now he is going to make it happen. i am so close because he has been working my lats hard! i'll let you know saturday, january 30th. i'll be doing a reverse grip pull-up like the one shown.

what about you all, do you have a fitness goal for this year?

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