Friday, January 15, 2010

Maple Oat Scones - Update

i have a rather unfortunate update to make about the maple oat scones i made this week.

i made the maple glaze and, unfortunately, they taste better with the glaze on top. i'd love to report that they taste wonderful on their own (which they do) and they don't even need the glaze. i guess they don't need the glaze, but after i tasted them with the glaze, i loved them.

of course you can still omit the maple glaze (and the extra sugar it adds) but i recommend not trying the glaze "just to see" as i did. it's better to not know that they taste better with it:)

oh, i also have been trying to drink more green tea even though i happen to love chai tea. today, at wegmans, i found green chai tea! i was very excited and quite good. i enjoyed it with a biscoff cookie.

happy friday!

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