Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yogi Cereal Review

this is quite possibly my new favorite cereal

i am always looking for new cereals. i often have it for snack rather than breakfast, but i love it nonetheless. cereal is an especially good late night snack. i happened upon this cereal the other day at wegmans and decided to give it a try mainly because it had cherry flavor without the dried cherries. i know i'm weird, but i don't like dried fruit mixed in with my cereal. it had always been a consistency issue with my. i want my cereal to be crunchy, not some crunchy, some chewy, some soft. bleck. while we are on the topic of the way i like cereal . . . it also has to be ice cold milk and i have to eat it immediately. don't distract me while i'm eating cereal. there will be no phone calls while i am eating cereal or answering the door for that matter either. there is nothing worse than mushy cereal in semi-cold milk. thus, it is best to enjoy immediately, without interruption. but, that's just me.

so, anyway, back to the yogi cereal.

first up, taste:
considering i just told you it is now my new favorite cereal, it won't come as much of a surprise that this ranks high of the taste meter. it has all the key elements of cereal in my opinion. it has crunchy flakes, crunchy clusters, nuts, and lots of flavor. the cherry flavor is very subtle yet wonderful. the crunchy clusters a slightly sweet and i love the almond pieces!

nutritional value:

i have a rule of thumb that i don't buy cereal with more than 12 g of sugar in it. luckily, this just met my criteria because despite the borderline high sugar content, it has lots of other goodness in it. the 3 g of fiber is pretty good and the 5 g of protein is excellent for cereal. those two things together will keep you fuller for longer. and check out the ingredient list (at right)!

 i love the yogi whole grain blend - oats, barley, spelt, amaranth, and quinoa, oh my! this cereal is jammed packed with nutritional goodness.

GCFE rating: 9.5 out of 10

this probably isn't a surprise. i love this cereal! the most exciting thing is i just bought another flavor - yogi walnut spice crunch. stay tuned for its review.

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  1. now here is a gal that appreciates the finer things in life-----ice cold milk------


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