Monday, January 11, 2010

Easy Dinner + Soup for Lunch

i whipped up a quick and easy dinner from some item i found while organizing the freezers - chinese chicken and veggie stir-fry. i used chicken tenderloins i had frozen with some fresh broccoli, shredded carrots, onions, and some brown rice. i forgot i had some frozen, pre-cooked brown rice from trader joes in the freezer. all i had to do was vent the bag and microwave for 3 minutes and i had perfectly cooked brown rice.

i added in some rice vinegar, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce and cooked it all in the wok. it was very good and we were eating within 15 minutes of turning on the stove and commencing chopping. wonderful! plus, we have enough leftover for E to take some for lunch (always a bonus).

i also made a batch of veggie quinoa soup i made a while ago. i like to have a nice hearty soup or stew to have for lunches during the week. when they are packed with veggies it's even better so i can get my veggie count in. this time i made it a little different than the last time because i had different things on hand. i used black beans instead of canellini beans and i used extra carrots and onions since i didn't have any fennel on hand. the quinoa adds some protein and fills you up. this soup is surprisingly hearty and filling - perfect for lunch!

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