Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Yogi Cereal Review

i finally tried the second yogi cereal this morning, which means it's time for a review.

Yogi Walnut Spice Crunch
this is good stuff. yay for yogi cereal says me!
mmm, good stuff. apparently, when you put good things into a cereal, it tastes yummy. this cereal has oats, barley, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, walnuts, black tea leaf, honey, and cinnamon just to name a few. check out what the yogi website has to say about this cereal:
"Walnut Spice Crunch™ will perk up your taste buds with revitalizing cardamom, warming cinnamon, stimulating ginger and zesty cloves - spices traditionally used for their digestive properties. Deliciously healthy walnuts offer Omega-3 fatty acids and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. This delightful mix of nuts, spices and our nutritious ancient grains create a truly great tasting cereal that supports healthy digestion."
they say it pretty well. this cereal packs some serious crunch and you can really taste all the spices (it's very sweet though). it warmed my insides even though i drowned it with ice cold milk. i think my milk to cereal ratio is 2:1. what can i say? i love my milk:)
nutritional value:
i already touched on this but this stuff is good for you! all natural, whole-grain, good for you ingredients you can actually pronounce. full list here. the only bad thing about this cereal is it's high in sugar. 16g per serving is over my limit but i decided to try it anyway because i like the cherry almond crunch so much. i still like the cherry almond better and i'll probably limit the amount i get this walnut crunch because of the sugar.

GCFE rating: 7.5 out of 10

in other news . . .
we have a pair of foxes living in the yard/under the shed of the people directly behind us. ugh. this means a lot of dignan barking (even occasionally roxy) while the fox saunters on by between the neighbors fence and ours. dignan can unfortunatly see them pretty much at all times and barks very frequently at them. he's letting them know who's boss i suppose. but let's be serious, both foxes obviously know there is a fence protecting them and really don't even give him a second look. poor dignan. wait, no, poor us for having to deal with the foxes (and dignan's barking) until most likely the spring. again, ugh.
see, he looks very blasé about dignan and his manliness
my camera on the other hand is apparently terrifying . . .

at least we had a wonderful dinner. lemongrass chicken with green beans and brown rice. so good and so filling. yum!


  1. Dad and I want to try this interesting cereal and yes most definately with lots of ice cold milk!
    Sorry for you all having to deal with this very settled in fox couple. Maybe by the time the babies come Dignan and Roxy will make friends with them and even get to play with the pups, maybe even get to pup sit once in a while!

    I want to try this lemongrass chicken too!

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