Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Island Hopping and Local Food

saturday morning we woke up to this view!
i always love driving to a new place at night. then, waking up the next morning and discovering where you are. having driven in at night, it's like discovering a new place by mornings light.

saturday was boat day - and it was beautiful! we saw a bunch of different islands and stopped at jost (british virgin islands) and tortola. we also did some snorkeling and saw turtles and sting rays.
before we started out, bartender S made us all drinks - rum and mango juice.
too bad the water was so rough that i lost half my drink. it pretty much all was spilled on poor E. sorry babe!
check out the yellow lab debating jumping in!
our first stop was jost to S's favorite place - foxy's.
donkey out back of foxy's 
we hopped back on the boat and headed "around the corner" to the soggy dollar for lunch. why is it called the soggy dollar you ask? well, with no dock, the only way to make it to the bar/restaurant is to anchor your boat and swim in - thus leaving you with only wet, soggy dollars to pay with. alas, this left me with no camera to take pictures of the lunch. i didn't want a soggy camera. it was awesome though. i ordered to local food called "roti". apparently it's different everywhere you go but it's some kind of meat, slow cooked with a curry-type sauce. for lunch if was curried chicken and garbanzo beans with an apricot and mango chutney. yum!

back on the boat again to bubbly pool. a small inlet of water that is fed by huge waves crashing into rocks. then the water bubbles up like champagne. we had to hike a little to get there. it was a beautiful hike.
crashing waves
back home for a grilled meal of hamburgers, spicy sausage, pasta salad, and a garden salad. then i was out for another sound sleep. the sun makes me sleepy.

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