Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thai Tax Time

i finally finished my 2009 tax return (thanks i'm glad to have that over with and now i just wait for my return to be direct deposited . . .

other than sitting on the couch doing our return, i also did a 60 minute power yoga class that kicked my butt! i also think i managed to kink my back again. ugh, i guess i am getting old but i can't seem to get the stiffness out of my neck/back. i am currently sitting with the heating pad on my back so hopefully that will help.
tonight i made thai green chicken coconut curry over brown rice. this is a keeper from N that i have made several times since she made it for me in miami. the recipe is here. the only thing i did differently this time was i used zucchini instead of eggplant and i added shiitake mushrooms. i have to say, the mushrooms were a great addition!

hopefully i'll be able to move tomorrow morning. E and i have a 7am pt session with G and i have to cook tomorrow. more heat and some excedrin back and body will hopefully do the trick:)

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  1. my back hurts too....actually I feel like the vertebra in my mid-back are bruised! Wow our 30th year and we're falling apart already! Maybe we are overdoing it!
    Love the addition of mushrooms in the thai curry...will try that next time.


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