Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Juice

i think i feel a cold coming on - yuck! i personally blame E as he has been sick since we got back from st. john. it's all his fault:) i was hoping i could squeak by without getting it but ugh, i feel yucky.
so, first thing i did this morning was have a glass of OJ. this got me to thinking about an article my fabulously wonderful cousin, G sent to me a couple months ago about fruit juice. i have thought about it off and on since i read it and she recommended i do a post about it. great idea, G!

the article is here and i highly recommend you read it first. it is basically talking about how we think fruit juice is good for us but soda is bad although they both contain lots of sugar.

"A glass of juice concentrates all the sugar from several pieces of fruit. Ounce per ounce, it contains more calories than soda, though it tends to be consumed in smaller servings. A cup of orange juice has 112 calories, apple juice has 114, and grape juice packs 152, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The same amount of Coke has 97 calories, and Pepsi has 100."

it actually makes sense to me. drinking juice is not the same as eating the fruit. considering one glass of juice contains much more than one piece of fruit. "When fructose is eaten in a piece of fruit, it enters the body slowly so the liver has time to convert it into chemical energy. But a single glass of apple juice has the fructose of six apples."

i'm not saying you might as well just drink a soda because as least the sugar in fruit juice is natural and not high fructose corn syrup but the body processes sugar as sugar. you would be much better off eating an orange than drinking orange juice (i say as i drink my glass of OJ).

today, i am trying to get some vitamin C but am now second guessing my choice. i should have had an orange instead (which i would have had i had an orange on hand).

i have to admit, since reading this article months ago, i have been limiting my juice intake. actually, i rarely if ever drink it by the glass. my consumption is limited to a splash of v8 vfusion in a smoothie (made with whole fruit by the way).

i'd love to know your thoughts on the article. thoughts? comments? disagree? agree?

to counteract all the sugar i just drank, i ate something a little more substantial for breakfast - a pancake sandwich.
i have some leftover gluten-free pancakes i made yesterday morning. i took 2, toasted them in the toaster. then, spread 1/2 tsp of cinnamon honey on one and 1 tbs of peanut butter on the other. add some sliced banana, sandwich the 2 together and viola! pancake sandwich!
it was so good! yum!

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