Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Siggi's Yogurt

lunch today was a bit of a miss-match but it was good.
i had leftover lemon-soy pork, carrots and cucumber with garlic hummus, grapes, and popcorn (not pictured). it was the perfect amount before my training session with G. i had a weigh-in and measure with G before we started just to check in and see what kind of damage i have done since going lackadaisical since christmas. turns out i gained 4 pounds and 3% body fat. ugh. i'm not super worried about the pounds. i prefer to go by how my clothes fit but the body fat increase is what annoys me. actually it's good to know working out and lifting weights on a regular basis actually has a positive affect. G had whipped me into a lean fighting machine by the end of november. yes, i digressed a bit since then but i know i can get back into "fighting" shape again and perhaps even better. it also proves what i put into my body is important too. i like having hard evidence and today i got it.

so after 45 mins of strength training with G, i headed to the treadmill even though i was already beat. i managed 30 mins on an incline and felt great afterwards.

when i got home, i decided to try a new yogurt i picked up to try because i needed some recovery protein and this had 16g of it!
it's my first time trying siggi's yogurt. it is quite expensive but i got it because it is sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar or worse - aspartame.
apparently it is icelandic style skyr strained non-fat yogurt. it has the same thickness as most of the greek yogurt out there. a similar tang as greek too. i tried the vanilla flavor and was pleasantly surprised to see actual vanilla bean specks when i opened the container. (side note: i love vanilla bean. my favorite ice cream is the vanilla bean. it has to have the bean specks in there. it adds so much flavor.) this is the first time i have ever seen vanilla bean specks in yogurt. high marks for that alone! and let me tell you, the bean added tons of flavor. the yogurt was very tangy but i could still taste the vanilla flavor over the tang.

according to the inside of the label, skyr is made from skim milk after the cream has been floated off to make butter, so it's naturally fat free. because it's strained to remove the water and make it extra thick, this yogurt requires 3x more milk than a regular cup of yogurt (that's what makes this so protein-rich).

like i said, this was pretty expensive (i think about $3.50 per 8oz) so i won't be getting siggi's all the time but i do want to try their other flavors (pomegranate & passion fruit sounds good as does grapefruit). if you like thick greek-style yogurt and are looking for flavors sweetened without sugar, i highly recommend you try siggi's. i found it in the refrigerated organic asile at wegmans. it looks like giant carries it as well as whole foods.

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