Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family Day

E and i are so blessed to have such wonderful families. i wish we lived a short drive away from all our siblings but we have half very close.
we started yesterday watching our niece and nephew play basketball games with E's mom. then had lunch with the whole gang. i cannot say enough wonderful things about my "in-laws". i am very lucky that they don't feel like my in-laws but they have made me feel like family. it was a fun morning full of cheering on EA and RJ (they both won their games) and a nice lunch at a local york pizza place.
RJ #34 - scored several baskets for his team!
 EA #45 - quite the asset on the defense. she never left her girl!
after a short nap, E and i were off to have dinner with my parents. we wanted to have drinks at hamilton tavern before dinner but it was packed at 6:30 so we headed right to mo's fisherman's exchange. mom and dad had been raving about this place ever since they went with friends for mom's birthday in january.

i had an apple martini while we ordered apps. this place is a true maryland seafood restaurant. they are not skimpy with their portions. i seriously don't think i have ever seen a bigger crab cake. and they make them the way crab cakes should be made - jumbo lumps of meat, just enough filler to hold it together.
i ordered oysters chesapeake to start. 6 oysters topped with shrimp, lumps of crabmeat, spinach, and a lemon cream sauce. these were so good! i had two, but could have easily made this my meal.
for dinner, i had crab imperial. it was basically a crab cake with imperial sauce on top. it was HUGE. the picture doesn't do it justice. it was a big as my hand! i had about 1/8th of it i was so full from the oysters. but, i enjoyed every last bite of this for lunch today.

if you live in the baltimore area and haven't been to mo's. you must go. it's worth the drive (they have many locations). for the price, this seafood can't be beat and it's not possible to walk away hungry.

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