Monday, February 22, 2010

Indian Chicken and Veggies

when i was at the fresh market the other week i got a jar of something like looked/sounded really yummy - tamarind and garlic gourmet indian cooking sauce.
i was really excited to try this because it's a nice finishing touch to a very easy weeknight dinner. the bad thing about being a personal chef is i don't always feel like cooking dinner for the two of us when i have been cooking all day for someone else. for that reason, i am always looking for these kind of sauces that make a meal come together very quickly. the easiest meal is some protein, some veggies, either whole wheat pasta or brown rice and a nice sauce.
this tamarind & garlic sauce was very good. i figured it would be really concentrated so i thinned it out a little with water like the side of the jar suggested. however, when i use this again, i won't be diluting it at all. i loved the sauce but it didn't seem like quite enough flavor and i think it's because of the thinning. the main reason i picked this jar up (besides thinking it would be good:) was the ingredient list.
i was excited to see that it was good clean eats. onion, coconut milk, canola oil, tomato paste, cilantro, garlic, agave nectar (yay no sugar or corn syrup!), lemon juice, vinegar, tamarind, tuneric, and paprika. i can not only pronounce every ingredient but i even know what they all are - a huge plus in my book.
i seared some chicken on each side and cut it up into bite sized pieces. then added the tamarind and garlic cooking sauce and covered the pan to let the chicken cook all the way through. then i added frozen broccoli and edamame (thawed) and cooked brown rice, turned the heat down to low and covered it again. i let the flavors meld until E got home (about 15 minutes). a little salt and pepper and one more stir and it was ready to eat (i told you it was quick and easy!)
i had a mocktail of cranberry pomegranate juice with a splash of sprite while i waited to eat.

stonehouse 27 spice co. had other flavor of ethnic cooking sauces and i will be trying some others when i make my next trip to the fresh market.

so this cooking sauce gets an 8.5 in my book. i'll let you know about the other ones i try.

Stonehouse 27 Spice Co. Tamarind & Garlic Gourmet Indian Cooking Sauce GCFE Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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