Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And We're Baack!

wow, what a whirlwind trip E and i had, but it was so worth it!

we arrived at the st. thomas airport around 2:30 pm and headed straight for the red hook ferry to take us over to st. john's where our friends were waiting for us. we were greeted with a big smile, hug, and a rum and coke. it's going to be a good weekend.

we had a drink (or 2) at an outdoor bar right by the ferry
K and I
view from the bar
then we headed to dinner and i was hungry! we ordered a bunch of apps for the table, onion rings, conch fritters, fries (you know, all the good, healthy stuff). S entertained us bu jumping up and joining 2 people playing live music. he had his harmonica and played along, so funny - he really is very good!
the eating continued and unfortunately, the pictures don't happen much after my third drink. key lime pie finished the evening off perfectly.

here's who was there:
S and K
G and B
J and R
me and E
back to the house for some sleepy time! but check out this video of S getting down with the band:

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