Friday, February 19, 2010

Pizza for Dinner Kind of Day

(a side note before we start here, i wrote this last night. sometime after my second glass of vida organica torrentes and women's olympic snowboarding, i forgot to post it.)

it started out at 6:30 am this morning. i woke up to go to a training session with E hoping my back would feel better. i stood up, knew it wasn't the case and crawled back into bed. when i got up an hour later, i took 2 excedrin back and body and gave my back a good 20 minutes with the heating pad. then, i packed my bags and headed to cook 5 meals for my client.

apparently baltimore city doesn't like snow removal. my usual 15 minutes down 83 from wegmans to cold spring lane took me 40 minutes. ugh. then once i got onto cold spring, falls, and the charles, it because clear that the city is still operating with one lane each way regardless of how many lanes the road actually has. the other lanes are still clogged with beautiful grey snow.
ok, so enough complaining. but after a long day of cooking sometimes you just have to order pizza. so, papa johns thin crust it is. the only consolation is i piled on the vegetables on my half. so a couple of slices of pizza and a glass of torrentes later my worries are melting away faster than the snow is in this 40 degree weather. my back is even feeling a little better. well, maybe that is the wine but i'll take it. (it's entirely possible i ate another piece of pizza after i took this photo, very, very possible)

tomorrow i'll try some cardio and see how it goes. . .

so, now it's morning and i am fueling up for a cardio workout. my back feels much better today so we'll see if i can keep it that way. my goal for today is not injuring it again.
for breakfast i had a nice whole wheat piece of toast with a little olivio butter, 1/2 a banana with barney butter, and some new yogurt.
this so delicious coconut milk vanilla "yogurt" has been sitting in my fridge for a couple days now waiting for me to try. i took 2 bites and couldn't eat any more. the flavor was good but it was way too sweet. it felt like i was eating a sweet dessert which was too much for me at 8am. i wrapped the rest up and may try to mix it with some plain yogurt to try and cut the sweetness. like i said, the flavor is good but it's too much sugar. 19g in one container!

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