Friday, February 12, 2010

Veggie Lunch - Meat Dinner

so, i went to the fresh market for the first time today. i think i've been to one in miami before but never the one that turns out to be about 10 minutes from me. so, why today? well, for one i was going stir crazy and wanted an excuse to get out. two, they are the only store nearby that sells barney butter. i feel like every other food blogger out there raves about this almond butter, so i had to try it. (more on barney butter later)

i got a lot of things i am excited to try (a new green tea, yogi granola chips, and what sounds like a wonderful indian cooking sauce - tamarind & garlic). i'll be reviewing each of these as i try them.
i also got some freshly baked whole wheat bread and some garlic hummus. with those two things i made a veggie sandwich. it was so good!
i spread hummus on both pieces of bread . . .
then added sliced tomatoes . . .
sliced cucumbers . . .
and a small handful of baby spinach . . .
sandwich together and (in the words of emeril) bam!
i guess today was a sandwich kind of day. pancake sandwich for lunch, veggie sandwich for lunch, but for dinner . . . seared pepper sirloin with red wine mushrooms, horseradish cream sauce and garlic green beans. one word (you know what it is) YUM! the red wine (a reserve merlot) that i used in the mushrooms was the perfect accompaniment to this meal.
this meal was so amazing - from first bite to the last. wow.
a piece of dark chocolate and i am a happy woman. you know how dove chocolates have sayings inside their candies? well mine was the truth tonight ladies and gentlemen. i urge you all to take this advice.

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