Thursday, February 11, 2010


i have fallen off the healthy living wagon. oh, i have lots of excuses (who doesn't). christmas, getting through a rough family time, traveling, blah, blah, blah. but it's been a solid month of not caring.


today, i am officially back on the wagon. my worst offense has been my eating habits. let me tell you i got the message on my flight back from the virgin islands. from atlanta to baltimore. i seriously thought i was having an appendicitis. turns out (i guess) it was just indigestion. my insides were just plain tired from the abuse i suppose. sorry body!

why am i telling you this? mainly because this blog keeps me on track. of course, recently you have probably noticed i have been posting less about clean eating and healthy living. i have a tendency to avoid posting about my less that stellar recipes.

today is a new day. i noticed when i posted my goal of a chin-up by january 31st, i actually did it! yes, i worked hard for that and i really wanted it but in the back of my mind i also knew i had mentioned it on my blog so i knew i'd have to follow-up and let you all know if i did the chin-up. so, here i am telling you all my new goal:

3 clean meals a day (and 2 snacks) 5 days a week

of course, i can eat well the other 2 days too, but i wanted to set a realistic goal. plus, i have a new exercise goal - i will hold crow pose for 5 full breaths by the end of march (i'll take a picture to prove it). i also plan to keep up with the chin-ups.

plus, here is my new weekly exercise plan:

2 days strength training (60 mins each day)
2 days yoga (60 mins each day)
3 days of cardio (30-45 mins each day)

i'll keep you posted. if i don't, please harass me!


  1. So, here is my question. I had two eggs mixed with a slice of cheese and slice of ham, and one slice of five grain bread with butter. Is that a "good clean fun eating" breakfast?
    Oh---a cup of tea with agave and milk--

  2. that is an excellent start!

    if you are really trying to be strict, i would make sure the ham was either canadian bacon or roast ham, not deli ham (it's full of sodium and preservatives) and maybe skip the butter and make it a sandwich or use a whole wheat wrap so you don't miss the butter or perhaps use peanut butter or almond butter (make sure the only ingredient in your nut butter is nuts!)

    keep it up!


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