Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traveling and Celebrating

the past two days have been crazy. E and i pretty much spent all of friday traveling. we said goodbye to W, A, T & L and drove the 2 hours north from raton, nm to colorado springs, co. from there we flew to dallas, tx and then took another flight to baltimore, md. we caught the bus to the daily garage and then drove the 30 minutes home. we left raton at 10am and finally arrived in lutherville at 11:45pm. whew.

then it was off to DC for a wedding last night. the reception was at the old ebbitt grill which was pretty cool. the lighting was great for dinner but bad for pictures. so we only managed to get a couple.

so i have to brag about my fabulous husband for a second. one thing i love about him is he has great manners. i remember the first time we went to a wedding when we were dating he didn't take his suit jacket off for a long time. he told me his rule about waiting until the host of the party (in this case wedding) took his jacket off. it struck me a such a simple thing but very respectful and proper. apparently it's something he learned in the army. he had to wait until his superior took off his coat before he could. anyway, he still follows this rule today.

etiquette is something that has gone by the wayside in past years. i now always notice how many men take off their jacket and loosen their tie long before the father-of-the-bride does. ah well, one of the many reasons i am a lucky woman:)

my handsome E, after dinner - still with jacket

hard to see, but father-of-the-bride shortly after dinner

seconds later, my handsome husband again

so after a long week and weekend, E and i are home and our fridge is basically empty. i pulled some whole wheat tortolini out of the freezer and topped it with some homemade chianti marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese.

i had a wonderful time visiting in nm. i miss those armacosts already. but, ahhh, it's good to be home!

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