Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Dinner

i have been getting ready to leave for new mexico all day. E and i are so excited to see W, A & T and meet L for the first time! it's so fun being an aunt:)

i've been doing laundry and running errands and was packing around 5:30 and realized i was hungry. i mean shaky hungry. as my niece, EA would say, i felt wobbly. i needed to get something in my stomach - and quickly!

first thing i had was a glass of v8 vfusion (pomegranate and blueberry). i love this fruit/veggie juice. there is a full serving on fruit and a full serving of vegetables in this super juice and it's 100% juice so no added sugars (nothing added for that matter!) anyway, i figured i's get that into my system quickly.

so then, i sauteed up some green beans in a little low sodium soy sauce, reheated some super yummy uncle ben's chicken flavored whole grain brown ready rice (this stuff is great, just 90 seconds in the microwave and it's done), and had a piece of string cheese for protein. it was quick and fit the purpose - to fill my growling tummy.

stay tuned for my snack later. i am excited to try a new recipe - refrigerator oatmeal . . .

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