Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maryland Blue Crabs

today i was all over the place! i started out doing athletic yoga (also known as yoga with weights). this is my new favorite yoga class taught by my hands down favorite yoga instructor, KDubs. she is awesome and the class always challenges me. i get all the great flexibility and centering benefits of yoga with lots of strength benefits from using weight bars and holding poses longer. i love it! afterwords i had a stretch and mash session. it was awesome. KDubs has done mini demos in class before but this was better! she basically walks on you and massages you with her feet. she is supported with a walker so her whole weight isn't on you. it feels amazing! she mixes up dynamic stretching with the mashing massage and i felt so limber, relaxed, and energized all at the same time. it's great for those training hard for a marathon, triathlon, or just those of you who train hard. if you live in the baltimore area, set up a session with her - you will not be disappointed. i promise! then click on assisted athletic stretch.

after yoga, i had just enough time to dash home, make a smoothie (creamsicle - yum!) and head to the MAC for boxing. whew! after some kicking-centric boxing, i raced home, showered, threw together some lunch (leftover chicken coconut curry and salad with balsamic vinaigrette) and headed to spring meadow farms to work on their website.

everything looks so pretty there. they do fall festival activities every weekend in october. it's fun for kids of all ages.

plus there are tons of pumpkins, gourds, squash, apples, and halloween decorations.

the mums are in full bloom too

 after a long day, i had a wonderful surprise. a good deed if you will was done and E and i benefited from it. S, owner of the most fabulous farm stand/market/nursery/pumpkin patch/christmas tree place this side of the mississippi, gave me 2 huge steamed crabs. thank you, thank you, thank you!

i rushed home, E prepared the table,
 (you have to have newspaper)

i assembled some veggies and dip

E got a beer (essential with crabs)

and we went to work picking out lumps of fresh, fabulous, crabmeat

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