Wednesday, October 14, 2009


 my morning cocktail - tea and mucinex

E had a good point the other day. maybe part of the reason i got sick was because i wasn't eating right. around the time of my birthday, i "fell off the wagon" so to speak. i started eating whatever i wanted and didn't stick to my usual clean lifestyle. i ate cake for breakfast, drank more than usual, didn't get all my fruit and veggies in, and slacked on my workouts. the day after my birthday, i got sick. i don't usually get sick. i don't want to jinx myself, but i get a mild cold here and there, but rarely am i down and out sick. i can't even remember
the last time i got the dreaded flu. but this time, i got sick. i am at 9 days and counting with this thing i can't seem to shake. i am much better now with just some left over sniffles and coughs, but it's still hanging on.

i went back to a training session with G yesterday and it wore me out! i lost muscle mass and endurance for sure. it will definitely take some time to get back to where i was.

i can't help but agree with E. maybe it's coincidence, but it certainly didn't help my case that i ingored my regular healthy diet and exercise routine. i'm not claiming that if you eat clean and exercise regularly you are guaranteed not to get sick but it certainly doesn't hurt. good food gives your body and your immune system the strength to fight what nature (or the person coughing next to you) throws your way.

so, maybe this is an encouragement post. stay the course. stick to it. you are doing great things for your body and mind by making healthy choices! keep eating clean, keep exercising, and keep washing your hands frequently.

now it's a green monster for lunch for me:)

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