Saturday, October 3, 2009

bday breakfast

today is my "birthday". it's actually not today, but E is going to be on travel for work on tuesday, so we are celebrating today. after a fun night last night, i didn't even wake up till 9am. whew. but, i did wake up to E making me my favorite breakfast - eggs benedict.

i am allowing myself cheat days this weekend for my birthday so i started off my day, guilt-free, enjoying a fabulous breakfast made by my most amazing husband. i am so lucky!

it was so good! E was worried the hollandaise sauce was too yolk-y, but it was just right. i could definately taste the lemon. i gobbled down every bite.

the good thing about eating a big, rich breakfast is that it's super filling. i finished around 10:30 and wasn't even interested in eating again until 2pm. usually i have at least one snack between breakfast and lunch.

i didn't make it to the gym today but i still got in plenty of heart pumping work by building a fence. E, mom, and i worked on a new fence for mom and dad's yard for 4 hours today. first we dug up a small ditch running the perimeter of the yard.

this would allow us to get the wire below ground level for increased stability. then we pounded in a metal post every 5'. pulling the wire as tight as possible, we attached the wire to the posts with zip-ties.  doesn't sound like hard work but i was sweating!

E with the sod cutter and mom zip-tying:

the (partially) finished product:

we aren't finished yet, so there is more fence building in our future. it's very satisfying to see our progress though. plus, we couldn't have asked for a better day. the weather was gorgeous! 75, sunny, and breezy. i am loving it!!

E is taking me to one of my favorite restaurants tonight for dinner, christopher daniel, in lutherville. gotta keep the celebration going the best way i know how - drinks, dinner, and dessert:)

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