Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick Dinner

wendesdays E has class (he is getting his master's at hopkins - yeah, he's a smarty pants). so i always do something easy on wednesday nights for dinner. this week i got fancy, no cereal for me tonight!

i made a super easy tomato and feta halibut with tomato quinoa.

it doesn't look very pretty, but it was yummy. i just took a slice of halibut, put some tomato sauce on top and some crumbled feta on top of that. 10 mins in the toaster oven on 400 and it was done. i put it on top of some quinoa mixed with tomato sauce too. super fast, easy, and good.

in other news, my momma had her first green monster today. she liked it! so much so, she is going to try to get dad hooked too. ahh, spreading the green goodness one person at a time:)

my momma, brand new green monster consumer 
(note: this picture of her was not taken today but she is so 
pretty and wonderful, i had to post a pic of her) 

oh, i also had another glo bar. today it was chocolate peppy-mint. yum! i think i liked the chocolate brownie bomb better but this was still good. very similar but it had a hint of mint in it.

so now i'm snuggled on the couch waiting for E to get home in my comfy robe, a dark chocolate in hand and bones on the tv. i'm a happy girl. life is good!

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