Friday, October 30, 2009

Skipping Lunch

i know a lot of people skip breakfast because they are short on time or just pain don't like it. i am not one of those people. i cannot function without breakfast. i usually have a green monster with some protein powder or cereal with fruit. i do, however, have trouble with lunch.

on days when i am cooking, i get so wrapped up in the orchestra of everything that i forget to eat. i usually pack a snack (like a granola bar or protein bar) to eat quickly if i get really hungry and a piece of fruit (like an apple or a banana) to eat in the car on my way home. this usually tides me over until i can eat some lunch around 1 or 2 pm. i do have to be careful though because i tend to get migraines if i go too long between meals.

today, i was cooking up a storm and became crazy hungry at 11am. i scarfed down a key lime yogurt, some natural tostillos chips and a huge glass of water. that worked to tide me over until now and i realize it's almost 4pm and i still haven't eaten lunch. oops. see what i mean? i forget to eat lunch sometimes. when i'm not cooking i seem to be hungry all the time. i guess it's weird that when i am around food and cooking delicious looking meals i'm not hungry.

oatmeal squares - i like lots of milk in my cereal

so, now it's 4pm and i don't want a big meal so it's some cereal for me and a green monster since i didn't have one for breakfast.

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