Wednesday, December 30, 2009


the jessop family - 4 generations!

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! i've been "off" for almost a week - yikes! it's been crazy with christmas, family, friends, and i have still been cooking 3 days a week. i haven't had much time for cooking at home and posting. plus, i realize i left off at 10 days of christmas cookies. sorry! luckily i found out the 12 days of christmas lasts after christmas/ technically the 12th day of christmas is january 5th - the day before the feast of the epiphany. really, check it out.

so, thank you catholic church for giving me extra time on my cookie project!

stay tuned, tomorrow i will be sharing with your my new years eve menu as well as one more cookie recipe. lots of finger foods, drinks, and sweets for an evening of grazing and fun with friends.

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