Sunday, December 13, 2009

M's Holiday Dinner

we had the most wonderful dinner at E's mom's house. M is always such a wonderful host and a great cook. it never fails that we have a wonderful meal at her house as well as wonderful company. M invited me, E, and my mom and dad over to celebrate the christmas season.

she had her place beautifully decorated - tons of candles which i love!

plus her angels - M's favorite

how beautiful does this table look??

another thing i love about M is dignan and roxy are always welcome at her house. they love visiting all of their "grandparents"

we started out with some cycles gladiator merlot and some yummy brie and walnut puff pastries. these were so decadent yet so easy! it paired very well with our wine too:)

next, M served field greens with sliced apple and pear, and bleu cheese with a nice light vinaigrette.

seriously, everything was so good. the main course was spinach and mushroom ragout with a herb marinated pork tenderloin. the pork was cooked to perfection. slightly pink and warm throughout. oh - i almost forgot, mini biscuits that were so dense and still warm. they were so good (i even got to take a couple of those home with me:)

i forgot to take a picture of the ragout or the dessert which was mint chocolate chip ice cream with M's mothers recipe of bar cookies with a meringue topping. so good!

the entire evening was so lovely. thanks again for a wonderful evening M!!

mom, E, me, Dad, and M

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