Friday, December 4, 2009

Annie's Bunny Chocolate Grahams Review

it's time to do a review again. the latest annie's product i bought this week is wonderful. i am in love with these little snacks!

Annie's Bunny Chocolate Grahams

first up - taste:
there is nothing bad about the taste of these cookies. they are super crunchy and have great chocolate flavor. the only problem with these is i can't get enough of them. i have to take out the serving size (30 pieces) and close the box back up to prevent myself from eating the whole box. this is just what i need when i am craving some chocolately cookies.

nutritional value:
i was super impressed with the ingredient list on these cookies:
organic whole grain wheat flour, organic wheat flour, organic evaporated cane juice, expeller pressed vegetable oil, organic graham flour, natural and alkalized cocoa, natural vanilla and chocolate flavor, calcium carbonate, sea salt, baking soda

can you believe a cookie with whole wheat flour as the first ingredient is actually good?! with a serving size of 30 cookies, 130 calories is pretty decent. 9 grams of sugar isn't great but it is a cookie. these are the healthiest and yummiest cookies i have eaten in quite a while.

overall, these are wonderful and i highly recommend them. keep in mind, they are in fact a cookie and need to be eaten in moderation. as the occasional treat, these are prefect!

GCFE rating: 9 out of 10

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