Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Eats Day

i have had sure yummy food all day today (so far anyway). for breakfast i had oatmeal pancakes with a little maple butter, raspberries, and a clementine. so good - and colorful!

i had a late snack (mainly because i was starving). right after breakfast, i went to a yoga class and then right to wegmans for some grocery shopping. on the way home it was 12:30 and my tummy was growling. i tried kashi fire roasted crackers for the first time in the car on the way home. they were really good and a little spicy. they hit the spot and held me over until i could get home, unload the groceries and make my lunch.

i had some amy's vegetable lentil soup, a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken leg, and some raw cauliflower.

it's also the first time i have had this soup. i love amy's soup so it was no surprise i like this lentil soup. it was very hearty and low sodium which i always like. i will definitely be getting this again!

stay tuned. more good eats are sure to follow today:)

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